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For several years, I had rescued and loved a lot of male guinea pigs.  After a while, I decided I wanted to start having girls.  I found the Peninsula Guinea Pig Rescue and filled out the questionnaire.  Carrie contacted me and told me about two girls she had that were sisters.  After looking at the pictures and talking with my husband, it was agreed that I would take them.  Susan and Tina had been with a military family that could not properly care for them. I made it a point to hold and love and spoil them as much as I could.  Sadly, Tina was only with us for a few short months. In order to keep Susan happy, I contacted Carrie again and she got a younger girl for me whom I named Mandy.  Carrie told me that there might be a possibility that Mandy was pregnant.  That was in June of last year.  By August, I noticed that Mandy was getting fat.  Yes, she was pregnant.  And on August 17. Mandy gave birth to three beautiful girls.  Carrie took two of them and I got to keep the other. Her name is Bullet.  All three girls, Susan, Mandy and Bullet are quite the threesome as they chase each other around the cage and play with their toys.  Mandy and Bullet will now take baby carrots from me while standing up on their hind legs.  I love them dearly and cannot thank Carrie enough for setting me up with Susan, Tina and Mandy.


My name is Naiema and I got Blossom for my 8th birthday.  I was so happy that my mom let me get her.   I like holding her in her pouch.  She is adorable and fun.  My brothers and friends like her too.  I give her baths and hold her while she is drying.  She lives in my room and that makes me happy because I wanted to sleep with her.  I feed her every morning and afternoon, her favorite food is lettuce and celery.  We want to get Blossom a friend so she doesn’t get afraid while I am at school.  I don’t know what I am going to name the next one yet
*********************************************       Ms. Piggy & Tinkerbelle

Guinea pigs are meant to be loved and spoiled. That’s the kind of treatment my piggy’s get! I recently adopted a 5 week old female Tri-Color Abyssinian named “Tinkerbelle.” Here is her story….

Tinkerbelle was surrendered to the Peninsula Guinea Pig Rescue with her 2 brothers “ Rowan and Chase” because their family was unable to keep them any longer. She has a personality like most little kids,  always talking and playing and she absolutely loves attention. When I come home from school and go into my room, she starts squeaking away.  At night she will go in her cuddle sack and snuggle with her best friend, Ms. Piggy. I would have to say that Tink’s favorite night time treat is Brussels Sprouts and Pears.  She is just one the sweetest little piggy’s ever!

I have absolutely enjoyed every minute I’ve spent taking care of my 2 girls. Tinkerbelle now has her forever home with a loving family and cage mate that will love her till the end.
                                       ~ Macey


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