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The first thing we advise when someone contacts us about our pigs, is to read our 'Pig Ownership' section to familiarize themselves about Guinea Pigs and their care.  Once you have read up on the requirements and are sure that this is the right family pet for you, we can proceed to the adoption stage.

In some instances and depending on the guinea pig, we can sometimes offer a foster program whereby a prospective adopter can 'babysit' for a week to see how well the animal fits in with their lifestyle etc.  We can lend you all of the necessary equipment you will need to assist you with your pig during that time.  Please note that this option is not always available.

We take pride in matching the right pig to the right family.  For example, confidant child friendly pigs who will tolerate and thrive in a noisy busy household, compared to timid shy pigs who would do well with adults and seniors and require a more sedate lifestyle.  Due to the overwhelming population of unwanted pigs which our rescue struggles to support, we have made it our policy to prevent guinea pigs of the opposite sex being adopted to the same household.  We also do not recommend them for children under the age of five, as the Guinea pig's fragile bone structure and flight nature put them at risk for severe injury, which can very often be fatal.

One Guinea Pig with cage, house, water bottle, food bowl, cage toy, 5lb of pellet feed, 39 gallon bag of hay and 3.5 cu. ft bag of bedding, plus 24 hour support from the rescue is $110.00.

Two Guinea Pigs with large cage, house, water bottle, food bowl, cage toy, 5lb of pellet feed, 39 gallon bag of hay and 3.5 cu. ft. bag of bedding, plus 24 hour support is $130.00. 

If you already have supplies etc., then a single Guinea Pig is $30.00 or $60.00 for a same sex pair.

            HOW TO SURRENDER YOUR                                  GUINEA PIG

Since we are a small specialized rescue, there is a limit on the amount of surrenders we can accommodate at one time.  Due to a steady flow of unwanted guinea pigs, we now have a surrender waiting list.  We do our best to take in as many as possible but limits have to be set to ensure the well being and attention each pig receives here.  In view of this expense, we are now asking for a fee for all surrendered pigs.  Like all animal rescues, medical care along with every day living expenses are slowly rising.  This fee covers the medical exam your guinea pig will require to ensure it is well and does not have any medical issues that could affect our current residents. 

Leaving your cage and supplies is not enough and you are now transferring your pet to us to maintain, possibly for the rest of it's life if no adopter is found.  You want the best care for your pig after you surrender it and this rescue would not survive without your monetary help.  As of April 1st 2011, all surrendered pigs incur a $20.00 fee.  Due to recent events, NO guinea pig will be accepted as a surrender without an adequate cage. Laundry boxes, plastic totes and cardboard boxes are draining our limited funds.  Your understanding is greatly appreciated.   

We offer designer cuddle sacks in a variety of fabrics and colors for $15.00 each.   Most pigs will crawl in them voluntarily and they are a safe way for a child to carry or hold a guinea pig in their lap.  They prevent shedding hair on your clothing, keep accidents inside (when used with a piddle pad liner), and provide a comfortable environment for your pig to play in.  We highly recommend their use when handling your guinea pig and they are machine washable. 

We offer 24 hour life term support after adoption.  A contract is necessary for all adoptions, fosters and surrenders, which ensure that we know where every one of our pigs came from and where it's going.  These records provide valuable information necessary for inspections from Animal Control etc.

We also offer a V.I.G.P. Spa experience which includes ear cleaning, callus removal, bath, blow dry and coat conditioner and nail clipping for  $25.00.

We can be contacted on 757-232-4530 and are located in the Foxhill area of Hampton, VA 23669.

Email us at

                                                HOW TO SUPPORT US?

We are always in need of water bottles, cardboard toilet rolls, fleece fabric we can use to make cuddle sacks and most desperately - large cages!  We often receive pigs in cardboard boxes, plastic totes and laundry baskets.  We gratefully accept any donations.  We go through a large quantity of fruits and vegetables daily to ensure our pigs and bunnies maintain a healthy and nutritious diet.  Grocery gift cards are always in demand.  We greatly appreciate any assistance we receive!  We will gladly send you a copy of our receipt of purchase and a personal thank you card for your generosity.


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