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Michelle Grafton said:   April 18, 2015 12:26 pm PST
Today we signed the adoption papers for sweet "Jelly Belly" AKA Jelly Bean. We could not be happier with her, she is the perfect fit for my 6 year old daughter. Carrie did a great job finding the right little piggy for my little girl. Jelly Belly connected with my daughter right away, giving kisses and snuggling on her lap. Carrie gave us the option of fostering her for a week to see if she was the right fit, after the 2nd day my daughter asked me everyday if we were going to adopt her. We are so happy to add her to our family for her forever home.

Olivia said:   April 15, 2015 4:56 pm PST
When I first entertained the idea of owning guinea pigs, I knew that I wanted to "adopt, not shop," and I am so glad that I did. I contacted Carrie inquiring about a pair of young females, and despite not having exactly what I was looking for, recommended 3- and 4-year-old Lola and Lily. I was so excited to meet them, but when Carrie found an abscess on Lola's side, she refused to send them home with me until they both had a clean bill of health. After hearing horror stories about health issues with pet store guinea pigs, I really appreciated her dedication to the health and happiness of these beautiful animals. Carrie has been a great resource, and I definitely recommend the Peninsula Guinea Pig Rescue to anyone who is looking for a happy, healthy companion.

Krystal Washnieski said:   April 10, 2015 10:12 am PST
In January I had to make the toughest decision to surrender my two girls, Pebbles and BamBam. They were 2 years old and I had them since they were babies. I had to surrender them because I was expecting my first baby within the next month and I knew I would no longer have the time to give them that they needed. For months I had searched for a rescue that would accept them. I reached out to many different rescues all with no response. I found Peninsula Guinea Pig Rescue and reached out the Carrie, explaining my situation. Within only a couple of hours Carrie had responded to my email, wanting to meet me and my girls. After meeting with Carrie, she showed me the other pigs she had at the time. She knew each one by name, by their squeaks and even by their sneezes. While talking with her, a pig had started to wheeze. I couldn't hear it at first, but she tuned into it instantly. She stopped everything she was doing to find out which pig it was. By her doing that, it showed how in tune and dedicated she is to the guinea pigs. I felt instantly that this was the right place for my girls. My biggest worry was my girls were going to be split up. They were liter mates and have been together all their life. She reassured me that she would not let that happen. Carrie has been great throughout the entire experience. She had kept me updated on their progress and answered my emails when I check in to see how my girls were doing. Recently I received an email stating they had been adopted. I couldn't be happier. This was a bitter sweet experience for me parting with my girls. Carrie did everything she could to ensure they went to a great home together that had enough time and love to share with them. I highly recommend Peninsula Guinea Pig Rescue. I hope one day I will be able to adopt from here when my children are grown up a little more and I have more time to invest in a pig.

Piper and Bella said:   April 1, 2015 12:16 pm PST
My daughter is over the moon in love with her first pet Bella (original name was Sarah)! Carrie matched us up with the most perfect Pig and we couldn't be happier with her! She's the sweetest and calmest 'lil lady. She is the best pet for my 6 year old and she really enjoys spending time with her. I would suggest getting a pig from this rescue over any pet store...You can really see and feel Carrie's passion for small animals and that makes the experience even better! She's so informative and generous and makes it so easy and being able to "pigsit" for a week before committing made me feel better about the process overall. Thank you for everything Peninsula Guinea Pig Rescue!

Carla said:   March 20, 2015 6:11 am PST
My name is Carla. As an absolute animal lover all my life, my 4 guinea pigs were part of my life. When I got super sick on oxygen 24/7 I got hit with the hardest decision of my life. Realinzing I just couldn't take care of them anymore. I was heartbroken until I met Carrie. From the moment I met her, I knew she shared the same love for animals as I did. Her house is absolutely spotless, the care and attention she gave to my guinea pigs really helped ease my heart a bit . She even continued on emailing me after giving updates about them because she knew how much I was hurting. If you ever find yourself faced with the decision of re homing your pigs, choose her ( Peninsula Guinea Pig Rescue). You won't regret it.

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