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Nicole and Claire said:   February 12, 2016 3:37 am PST
Claire and I adopted Emma from PGPR a few months ago. We put a lot of thought into our decision to have a guinea pig as a pet. I wanted to adopt rather than purchase a pet so I googled rescues and found Carrie! I was very impressed to know that she allows a potential adopter to bring a pet home for a week with all the necessary supplies to see if your are a good fit for the piggie :). We were able to bring a lovely Abby Named Emma home with us. She was scared and shy at first, but after learning what veggie time means she now runs to greet us with a happy piggie heart. AKA her stomach!!!!! She now sits with us and cuddles, gives kisses, and weeks when she knows we are in the kitchen :). She is our first Piggie and we really are enjoying her. Thank You Carrie!

April Johnson said:   January 28, 2016 8:21 am PST
Almost bought our 8yr old son a pig for Xmas, thank goodness we didn't! Got your info fr brandy warren, I'm still on the fence about getting 2 but very interested in the babies or at least visiting to see what is a good fit for us! 😊April

Jayden Downing said:   January 5, 2016 12:02 pm PST
My mom said I could get my own pet for my 7th birthday. We decided on a guinea pig. We adopted carrot from the rescue in August. She is my best friend. For two months she was very shy. Now she loves to sit with me on my lap and wheeks really loudly at us at the same times every day to get her salad bar. She licks my nose and gives kisses. She loves raddichio, cilantro, endive, carrots and cranberries. I love her so much!

Madeleine Storch said:   December 13, 2015 4:32 am PST
We adopted our Guinea pig, Cherry, this month and the adoption included everything we need. Mrs. Malone also makes accessories like cuddle sacks and tunnels. We got a tent for her cage that she runs in and out of. It ties to the corner of the cage very easily. Our pig likes to sit and crawl around in the tunnel.

Rhonda Upchurch said:   October 15, 2015 7:00 am PST
After my son got his first guinea pig, my daughter and I decided that we wanted to get one as well. We were planning on adopting from one of the local shelters and were out shopping for the necessary items to set up before going to the shelter. That's when we met Carrie. She could tell we were shopping for a guinea pig and quickly educated us on all of the correct things we needed vs. the items that were unnatural/unhealthy choices and then told us about her pigs at Peninsula Guinea Pig Rescue. She showed us a picture of a very special little girl pig named Leah and our hearts were instantly captured. When we met Leah we knew she was a perfect fit for our family and happily adopted her after the one week trial period. We are so glad that Carrie introduced herself to us that day and are so impressed with her knowledge and dedication to rescuing these sweet animals. She will provide you with everything you need to know on how to properly care for your guinea pig and match you up with the perfect addition to your family. We love our sweet little Leah and highly recommend that anyone considering a guinea pig give Carrie a call and go see the precious pigs she has rescued first! They are all healthy, well cared for and well loved and will steal your hearts just like Leah stole ours! Thanks Carrie!

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