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Kathleen said:   January 17, 2018 9:10 am PST
I recently met Carrie after contacting her to schedule a grooming appointment. Although I did not adopt my guinea pigs from her, she was more than willing to help, answer questions, and provide useful information and supplies. She taught me basics such as nail trimming, bathing, identification of diseases, proper nutrition, and much more than I can list! She gave me a large enough cage to house all 3 of my piggies as well as a car load (literally) of food and supplies. The help she gave me was such a blessing! I am a brand new piggy owner, and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed after recently purchasing 2 baby males and adopting a 3rd adult male. I was even thinking I'd made a mistake and gotten in over my head. Carrie swooped in and saved the day - literally! Her common sense and tender approach to caring for guinea pigs inspires me to learn more about my newfound hobby. I contacted her because I had read the comments about her on this website, and I found her to be everything represented. I am deeply grateful for her unexpected generosity, kindness, and guidance.

Cathy Dulay said:   September 6, 2017 7:56 am PST
Thank you SO much for all the educational provide via this website!

Shelby said:   July 25, 2017 11:46 am PST
I love this rescue. I have never had faith in anyone more than I do with Carrie. She has been the one I call for the last year and a half and she is quick to respond. Never judgemental, and always open for questions. She knows what's best for our guinea pigs, and is always open to help you. She has taught me a lot, along with finding homes for many beautiful, healthy piggys. I am so thankful to have found her!!

Carrie Newman said:   May 17, 2017 5:24 am PST
Carrie is amazing! My daughter and I bought Mosby from a pet store because he had a sign "I'm a bully" on his cage. Well, knowing nobody would adopt him after seeing that sign, my daughter and I brought him home. We knew NOTHING about being good Guinea Pig parents and did all of the wrong things. I found Carrie and she was quickly able to tell us what we were doing wrong with Mosby and what we can do to make him a much happier little Guinea pig. She was never judgmental and knew that we really were doing the best that we knew how. I am so grateful for Carrie! She is a Godsend to my daughter and I, and especially little Mr. Mosby! Thank you Carrie! Your knowledge and huge heart are truly a gift to us all!

Liz said:   March 21, 2017 4:57 pm PST
What a God send! I am so incredibly grateful for Carrie and her heart to help these guineas get into their perfect home! My family and I had adopted 1 lone male pig from another home. Afterwards we were advised (not by Carrie) we had to adopt a friend for Ziggy. So without researching as I should we adopted another male pig to pair up with our first pig, Ziggy, Needless to say, the new addition and Ziggy did not get along. I was completely heartbroken over Gizmo not working out with our family. He desperately needed attention and wanted to be out with our family all the time. After searching online for the best options to bring Gizmo, I came across Peninsula Guinea Pig Rescue and contacted Carrie. She has been so understanding and encouraging when having to make this decision to rehome Gizmo. She was so welcoming and offered for us to come meet her and see how she runs her rescue. She also made sure that we in no way felt pressured or obligated. Because we had been contemplating making this decision we knew this was the right choice for Gizmo. Carrie communicated with me throughout the entire time. I was so thankful because Gizmo was special to us! Well, as of right now Gizmo is in his new home and has a family that can give him all the attention he needs. We will be forever thankful for PGPR and the time and effort Carrie put into finding the perfect match. She also took the time to educate our family on better ways and options for our remaining pig, Ziggy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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